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Recumbent Cyclist News (RCN) was THE recumbent enthusiast print publication from 1990-2007 and was considered by many to be the Bible of the recumbent world. This new archive is only about half complete and will be added to as issues are scanned.  We started out in the Summer of 1990. Throughout the next 17 years 101 issues of RCN were published —  with more published critical- and enthusiast written reviews than any other resource in the world. We've been celebrating recumbent bicycles since 1990!

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If you have the ability to scan and build a PDF file and would like to participate in getting all 101 issues of RCN online, please drop us a line [bryant rj <at> gmail . com]

Viva Recumbency!
Bob Bryant

Special thanks to all of the loyal RCN readers, subscribers, recumbent industry folks, the Bryant family as well as Jim Aliano and Steve Briggs for scanning RCN issues and Steve Briggs for hosting the archives. If the issues load a bit slow it is because some of the files are rather large.