Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recumbent Pedicabs

I've become fascinated by pedicabs recently while consulting with a company that wants to bring them to our town. While they are leaning towards standard cabs, I am intrigued by the Lightfoot because I currently ride a Lightfoot Ranger recumbent.

Organic Engines has built front wheel drive style pedicabs.

These modern VeloTaxi cabs are probably the ticket for most applications, though the modern style is not really suited to our town.

The more typical type of pedicab is the Tipke / Premier style. I first rode one of these back at Expo '74 in Spokane, WA. Main Street is another popular builder.

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  1. Bob, I owe you a debt of gratitude for all your great reports in the print version of RCN. I still ride my 83 TE here in Anchorage daily, year round. Now that it's summer I also trade off with my 1985 Milt Turner LB2000. Even though I purchased both of them before I started reading your reviews I still have several other bents that I read about first in RCN. I bought one of the orginal EZ3's with the square tubing back in the mid 90's. I enjoyed letting people that for one reason or another couldn't ride a two wheeler use it to introduce them to the comfort and speed of bents. Still I didn't use it very much myself until I had the idea of converting it to a pedicab. It was also the start of my blogging:

    Thanks for all your great reports Bob. It's been quite a ride!!

    Jim Vorderstrasse