Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New RANS F5 Coming

Randy writes on Facebook, "less than 20 pounds, super stiff boom, 700c, new F5."

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Recumbent Cycle-Con

Recumbent Cycle-Con is happening this weekend. Check out the Bentrider & Recumbent Journal coverage. Photo of the new Sun Zephyr via Bentrider

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Greenspeed Magnum High Seat

I've always loved the build & ride of the Greenspeed trikes. The other unique feature is the smooth drum brakes. Check out the story on this new trike here and here.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Atomic Zombie Spirit

Check out this new DIY SWB here.

DIY Crank Forward Cruiser

See Homemade Stretch Bike over at the Free Advice On How To Fix Your Bike blog.

If you like this one, check out the Quick, Cheap and Easy-LWB thread over Bentrider.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The New Atomic Zombie Timberwolf Trike

Check out the latest delta from Atomic Zombie — story here.

Another post with more pics/plans info — also newsletter story.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

ROAM Velomobile Tour

Check out their website here, the blogs, and the excellent photos over at BikePortland.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Making Of A Rhoades Car

This is a cool video that offers viewers a peek inside the Rhoades Car factory — from the cutting of the steel to a test ride in a new electric assist Rhoades Car.

For more on the Rhoades Car check out the Quadracycling blog.
Check out the Rhoades website here.

Hat Tip to ElectricBikee

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tricked Out Trikes For Older Riders

The LA Times is covering trikes for older riders. Check out the story here.

Tricked Out Trikes For Older Riders

The LA Times is covering trikes for older riders. Check out the story here.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sun EZ1

One of my favorite bents is being discussed over at BROL. The Sun EZ-1 is truly the People's Bent. Here is my review from a few years ago:

Sun EZ1: The People's Bent

By Bob Bryant

"The EZ1 is the most functional of the EZ series. Regarded as an all around recumbent, its strength lies in its stability, comfort, and predictable handling" — Sun Bicycles

The EZ1 SX is a simple, straightforward and very affordable recumbent bicycle. It is the VW Beetle of the recumbent world (vintage 1967; or one of the best years for the Beetle). Itʼs perfect as first bike or as an extra recumbent to keep around. It isnʼt that fast, or that attractive, but it works well, and could be described as The Peopleʼs Bent. Originally designed by the late Gardner Martin of Easy Racers fame, the bike was then updated and licensed to Sun Bicycles and has since become perhaps the best selling recumbent there is. The EZ1 has been around so long we take it for granted, yet it's a near perfect recumbent for what it is: user-friendly, unassuming, downright cheap, durable and reliable. The platform is ideal for customizing and will fit a large range of riders (larger than any other Sun model). The EZ1 can be used for just about any type of riding: recreational, commuting, maybe even light touring. The EZ1 is best suited for casual rides on smooth neighborhood roads and trails (due to the small wheels).

The EZ1 seat has a steel seat back frame, and shares the foam covered base with all of the Sun models. Initial comfort is excellent, though the seat base foam is thinner and less comfy than an Easy Racer. The upright position and foam may have some riders experiencing recumbent butt after an hour or two. The EZ1 places the rider in a buck upright position with feet placed on low pedals. Itʼs a perfect place to be for new riders. I took several one- to two-hour rides on our well-worn test bike, and only experienced recumbent butt discomfort as I neared the two hour mark.

The ride of the EZ1 is better than youʼd expect. The high-tensile steel frame is compliant, and the usually stiff frame and small diameter wheel set was softened by the Kenda Kwest tires run at low pressure (I did this review while vacationing in Sunriver, Oregon. The rental shops run the tires at 40 psi so they donʼt explode in the hot sun). The ride is light and agile feeling — perfect for bike trails.

The bike accelerates well, but tops off quickly. Retaining speed is more difficult than with larger wheels. I honestly never noticed this on the smooth bike trails (15 mph speed limit), but it became apparent when we tried an EZ1 AX on the rough roads of Port Townsend late last summer. The Sun EZ Sport has a 26”/20” wheel combination which offers a smoother ride and perhaps improved performance over the EZ1's small wheels.

The EZ1ʼs ladder-style TIG-welded high-tensile steel frame is a bit homely though seemingly tougher than nails. The square section steel makes for easy seat mounting, and the little bike just works. Also, the EZ1 has a larger adjustment range than any other Sun model (34"-48" ex-seam). The EZ1 is no lightweight at 39 pounds. The AX aluminum model is five pounds lighter, but more expensive.

In this mostly pedestrian mix of affordable components, which is nothing to rave about, everything worked great on our well-worn rental test bike. The bike shifted great, the generic V-brakes stopped it on a dime and the wheels were true. The “alloy” crank does have steel chainrings. The EZ1 SX has a 30/42/52 triple crankset and an 11-32 8-speed cassette, which makes for a 18-92 gear-inch range (the 20” drive wheel measures approximately 19.5”). The gearing range is low and is well suited for casual riders.
It would be quite easy to set up an 8-speed EZ1 with a gear range of 29-85 gear inches (48-tooth single crank x 11-32 cassette), or a 16-speed with a gear range of 24-94 gear inches (39/53 double crank x 11-32 cassette). The EZ1 has a fairly free-floating drivetrain with a single lower chain skate-wheel idler. You can lift the chain off the idler and run without it. The chain dances a bit, but there is less friction.

The basic cheapie linear (V) brakes worked fine. If you want to make them better, add some Koolstop pads. The wheels and hubs are aluminum and BASIC with a capital B. Nothing special here, but no problems. The short spokes make for a strong wheel. The EZ1 comes outfitted with Kenda Kwest tires, these are the more recreational 65 psi version (instead of 100 psi). These are very comfortable tires, and just a bit slower. If you want to go faster, get some Primo Comets.

Itʼs possible to lighten up the EZ1 by ordering an aluminum seat back (J&B part #67455), aluminum seat lower struts (J&B part #67457), upper struts (J&B part #67456) and alloy handlebars (J&B part #67349). This might save two or three pounds. Lighter wheels and tires are also possible. An EZ Sport 20” fork (J&B part #27664 black or #27665 silver) will also fit, so you can convert to a 20”/20”. If you are going to make all of these upgrades, you should probably just buy the lighter AX model. Sun offers an EZ-Messenger seat bag, fender set, Edge fairing, a rear basket and a 20” wheel indoor trainer for the EZ1.

The EZ1 can be purchased at nearly any recumbent shop and in past years has been one of Sunʼs best selling models. The EZ1 really has no peers for price, track record and dependability. I preferred the affordable SX to the more costly aluminum AX. The AX is lighter for sure, and has one notch better shifters AND derailleurs and better Avid brakes — but costs significantly more. The EZ1 is the perfect recumbent for the smooth and perfect bike trails of Central Oregonʼs Sunriver resort — or anywhere else. Buy this bike for a tough, casual and fun neighborhood/bike trail cruiser for kids, friends or a spouse to ride. The EZ1 is the best bargain the recumbent world has to offer.

HIGHS - Great buy, excellent handling, wide fit range, cheap recumbent fun.
LOWS- Not super fast, kind of heavy, feels smallish (though has a wide fit range) and some low-end components.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Recumbent Trike Book

This new book is available at Amazon or iUniverse (eBook).

Affordable Bents In Italy

"EcoBent is an Italian manufacturer of low-cost recumbent bikes, featuring a superior design and a very attractive price. Thinks to our unique approach to bike design we're the only vendor" - EcoBent website

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bamboo Tricycle A Contender For Aussie Best Design

Is this the future of green transport? From the Herald Sun in Australia.
I've been intrigued by bamboo bikes. More Bam Bents. I'd like to take the class at the Bamboo Bike Studio.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Arcata Kinetic Grand Championship

Check out the photos and links from Readymade. Learn how to build a racer here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recumbent Pedicabs

I've become fascinated by pedicabs recently while consulting with a company that wants to bring them to our town. While they are leaning towards standard cabs, I am intrigued by the Lightfoot because I currently ride a Lightfoot Ranger recumbent.

Organic Engines has built front wheel drive style pedicabs.

These modern VeloTaxi cabs are probably the ticket for most applications, though the modern style is not really suited to our town.

The more typical type of pedicab is the Tipke / Premier style. I first rode one of these back at Expo '74 in Spokane, WA. Main Street is another popular builder.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Volae Tandem For 2011?

This is rumored to be in the 2011 Hostel Shoppe / Volae catalog.

Volae Goes IGH

Volae has just introduced two new USA built short wheelbase models outfitted with Shimano Alfine 8 internal geared hubs. The City has a 26/20 wheel combo and the Trail has 26/26. Both are outfitted with disc brakes and have a 29-82 gear inch range. Also rumored for 2011 is a new tandem (check out their 2011 catalog).

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who Rides These Things, Anyway?

Odd pedal-powered creations and their loyal devoteers. Interesting comments on odd bikes and some Portland bike statistics over at Willamette Week.

Recumbent Sighting At Yehada Moon

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TerraTrike Rover On Jimmy Fallon

Who says recumbents aren't popular. Trikes rule!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DIY Zombie Bents

Atomic Zombie is the hot-bed of DIY 'bent action on the web. The sites offers books, plans, a gallery and forum for home-builders. 'Ranga was built by Andrew Last from Dunedin, New Zealand. This DIY Mid-Racer appears to be a have a recycled rear triangle mated to a front fork via some square steel tubing. Atomic Zombie Blog Gallery Plans

Our RCN Homebuilder Special Edition PDF can be found here (follow links to RCN 47)

HP Velo eAssist Scorpion Races Hybrid Super Cup

Recumbent Journal Story

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pedal Powered SUV

This could be the car of the future. The EV-Liberty velomobile was built by DannyK and chronicled over at Bentrider. The body appears to be coroplast and the chassis is a TerraTrike Rover with electric assist.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rotovelo Arrives

The Australian Trisled Rotovelo has arrived on US shores. What makes this Velomobile unique is the rotomolded plastic body and a bit lower cost than the competition. Check out Bentrider's review and Spin Cyclz for more info.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recumbent Chain Guard Hack

Bike Hacks found a new use for a Frisbee. See the story here.

Recumbent Delivery

Imagine a world with pedal-powered recumbent delivery vans. Check these out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Velo Vision Spezi PIcs

This is one cool Velomobile! See Velo Vision's post & pics here.

Real World Velomobile

Like many of you, I love the idea of a Velomobile, however, I like the idea of one that has some utility. I'm not really interested in a slow, sleek or fragile racer. Here is a cool video about just such a Velomobile and blog link from the High Mileage Trikes blog.

Recumbent Journal Finds Us

We're found! The current archive and details were set up last week. Son Daniel linked our old URL the other night. Today, Recumbent Journal found out about our new blog and archive today, followed by Bentrider. There is some discussion here. It's fun to be back.

Image via our friends over at EZ Biker.

Lightfoot Ranger On Rhody Tour

This vintage Lightfoot Ranger is owned by my pal Bill. I rode it on our local Rhody Tour two weeks ago. It was the first long ride on a recumbent that I had been on. It was a beautiful sunny day as my pals Bill, Chet and I rode our recumbents through the country roads of Western Jefferson County, WA.

Monday, May 2, 2011

TerraTrike Rover Tandem Kit

While we were sleeping, TerraTrike has become a major player in the trike world. The Rover is their game changing entry-level trike. For 2011 — there is a tandem adapter kit. Read more here.

Welcome To the RCN Blog!

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